Category 2 Centres in Education

The 3rd Meeting of UNESCO Category 2 Centres in Education
4 - 7 March 2013, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


The previous two meetings of UNESCO Category 2 Centres in Education in 2008 and 2011, held in Beijing and Seoul respectively, not only strengthened the partnership among the Category 2 Centres in Education and between the Centres and UNESCO but also reached practical achievements including the Joint Statement for collective development.

Concluding the Second meeting of the Centres, the Regional Centre for Educational Planning (RCEP) announced that it will host the third meeting of UNESCO Category 2 Centres in education in the United Arab Emirates, in 2013. RCEP also took over the role as the next Focal Point (2013-2015) of the Centres.


  • To inform and assist the Centres in the alignment of their programmes and priorities with those of the 2014-2015 UNESCO Draft Programme and Budget (37C/5)
  • To provide updates of recent UNESCO Executive Board decisions and Internal Oversight Services (IOS) evaluations on Category 2 Centres, and related revisions to the Integrated Overall Strategy on Category 2 Centres
  • To identify opportunities for collaborative projects among Category 1 Institutes, UNESCO Regional Bureau, and Category 2 Centres
  • To evaluate and discuss ways of improving the effectiveness of the Category 2 Centres¡¯ network
  • To identify ways of enhancing the impact and visibility of Education Category 2 Centres.


  • Regional Centre of Educational Planning (RCEP)


  • UNESCO Category 2 Centres in Education
    • Regional Centre for Educational Planning (RCEP)
    • Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU)
    • International Centre for Girls’ and Women’s Education in Africa (CIEFFA)
    • Guidance, Counseling and Youth Development Centre for Africa (GCYDCA)
    • International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED)
    • Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care and Education (RCECCE)
    • Southeast Asian Center for Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development (SEA CLLSD)
  • UNESCO Regional Bureau and Cluster Office
    • UNESCO Regional Bureau for Education for Arab States in Beirut
    • UNESCO Office in Doha
  • UNESCO Category 1 Institutes
    • UNESCO Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP)
    • UNESCO International Bureau of Education (IBE)


    Meeting Information on the RCEP Website